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Welded Mesh, Woven, and Steel infill for wood, metal, and composite frames.



Welded mesh and woven steel infill for wood, metal, and composite post and rail fencing.



Custom pergolas are made simple with our versatile design.



Create a custom-made gate with Welded Mesh or Woven Steel panel.



Create a garden trellis, arbor, or any other outdoor masterpiece with Wild Hog Panels.

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Wild Hog U.S.S. Stainless Steel
Cinch Railing
Wild Hog 6ga black panel
Wild Hog 6ga U.S.S. Stainless Steel Panel

Helping DIY and Pros for Over 10 Years

Whether you’re an amateur exploring your first DIY project or an experienced Pro with a knack for building, Wild Hog Products delivers a superior experience with stunning outcomes. With a full line of home improvement solutions, DIYers and Pros can convert their backyard dreams into reality while creating functional, stylish spaces emphasizing both quality and design.

Our Products

Wire Mesh Panels

With simple installation, you can transform any space into a beautiful and functional area. Our panels are compatible with wood, metal, and composite frames, offering versatility and durability. From railing and fencing to pergolas and gates, our wire mesh panels bring your backyard dreams to life. 

Hog Track Kits

Designed for easy installation, our system creates durable and great-looking panel projects. With just a few simple steps, you can achieve a secure and stylish panel installation that will leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, Hog Tracks is your trusted go-to solution for your next panel project.

Cinch Railing

Our stylish and durable railing systems transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis. Crafted with premium materials, our railings withstand the elements for long-lasting beauty and functionality. Easy installation and maintenance make Cinch Railing the perfect choice for homeowners and professionals. 

Linx Pergola

Custom pergolas made simple with the Linx Simplified Pergola System. With simplicity in mind, our Linx Pergola features a sleek design that easily transforms any outdoor space into a beautiful and functional area. Endless possibilities with Linx Pergola from Wild Hog Products.


Our innovative panels can be used with a variety of framing materials including wood, composite, or metal to create a custom-designed professional-looking fence. Elevate your next fence project with Wild Hog Fencing Panels.

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"We just finished our deck with Wild Hog Panels and the space has completely transformed. Top quality product, and our ocean view remains unspoiled. Thanks, Wild Hog!"

Mike D.

"Quisque aliquet velit sit amet sem interdum faucibus. In feugiat aliquet mollis etiam tincidunt ligula."

Angela Charlton
Move Flow

"Luctus lectus non quisque turpis bibendum posuere. Morbi tortor nibh, fringilla sed pretium sit amet."

Rehaan Whitfield
Pix Angels
“Wild Hog Panels… why didn’t I find you sooner? My deck now frames my mountain views without blocking it. I’ve practically moved outside, I love it so much!

Sarah J.


“Wild Hog Panels are a game changer. Our bay view is intact, and the panels are so sleek and modern. The compliments we’ve received are countless. Bravo, Wild Hog!”

Becky W.


“I can’t tell you how much of a difference Wild Hog Fencing has made to our property. Quality build, easy installation, and perfect for the style we were going for. Highly recommend!”

John S.


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