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Our Story

Learn more about the story of how we got started.

About Wild Hog Products

Welcome to Wild Hog Products, where simple solutions and easy installations are our specialty. We are a customer-focused company that takes pride in providing top-quality wire mesh panels, Hog Tracks, Linx Pergola, Cinch Railing, and Fencing. Our team is dedicated to delivering outstanding service and ensuring your satisfaction. With Wild Hog Products, you can expect excellence as we strive to exceed your expectations all while having a good time. We believe that you should love what you do and love the people you get to work with.

Our Team

Craig Smalley

Craig Smalley

National Brand Manager & Co-Creator

I have a broad range of experience in sales and marketing, including extensive work in the lumber distribution industry and the successful development of several brands across the United States and Canada. Known for helping to create Wild Hog Products, I led the brand to achieve unprecedented growth in sales and a remarkable extension in our stocking dealer network. I deeply understand product development, strategic marketing, and distribution. I also excel at building strong relationships with top-tier retailers and distributors. I have used innovative digital strategies to facilitate data-informed decision-making and heightened market penetration, all while ensuring sustained financial growth and customer-focused solutions. With a North American distribution network that is second to none, our team continues to spearhead change and forge industry standards as a National Brand Manager. When I’m not working.  My main focus is on raising my two boys. I also enjoy traveling with friends and family and experiencing different cultural experiences, especially anything to do with exploring the outdoors.

Bethany Doss

Bethany Doss

Business Manager

With more than 17 years in the building products industry, I’ve been fortunate to be a part of the Wild Hog group since its very beginning. What makes this journey truly special for me is the opportunity to collaborate with a team of people who are not just colleagues but are genuinely like family to me. I love our collective creativity, our knack for thinking outside the box, and our ability to make decisions on the fly – attributes that let us manage the business with a sense of ownership and an unwavering passion. Outside of work, I embrace the life of a self-proclaimed foodie (and wino!), so I try to balance that by riding my Peloton bike a few days a week. When I’m not geeking out on WHP pictures on social media, I hang with my husband and our two young children in wine country.

Oliver Heidhues

Oliver Heidhues

Product Manager | Customer Relations Expert

I grew up in Los Angeles and made my way on a journey northward, setting roots amidst the rolling vineyards and tranquil scenery of Sonoma County. With a solid academic foundation in business marketing I leaped into the commercial world with passion and an entrepreneurial spirit. I find solace in the outdoors, whether it’s carving through city streets on a skateboard or trekking through rugged trails. These activities offer me an escape from my professional life and allow me to enjoy nature’s beauty at its best.As a food and beverage enthusiast, I enjoy craft beer & great food. Professionally, I’m fortunate to work with colleagues who have become friends—embracing a work-hard/play-hard mentality. Rising to the challenge within the realms of customer relations, supply chain management, and product development, I constantly strive to foster and expand relationships, placing a strong emphasis on effective communication and collaboration. Infused with strategic thinking and a focus on customer satisfaction, I proudly play an integral role in the ongoing success and growth of Wild Hog Products.

Matt Rowe

Matt Rowe

General Manager, Cinch Railing

I grew up in Minnesota and have lived in Colorado for over two decades. I was introduced to the building industry more than 20 years ago. My journey began as an operations manager for a retail lumber yard. After gaining extensive experience in both management and sales within retail, I discovered that sales and marketing resonated most with me and best suited my professional development. My most valuable education in the construction industry came from managing custom home builds, where I learned the full spectrum of the building process. Transitioning to the wholesale sector, I became a product specialist, educating customers on a variety of products. This experience paved my way into manufacturing, where I was involved in the development of the Cinch Railing system. In my current role as General Manager of Cinch Railing, I oversee daily operations encompassing sales, product development, customer relations, and product education. I enjoy product development and industry innovation, finding gratification in customer feedback from using our products. I am excited as we continue to expand our line of innovative products throughout the country. I like to spend time with my two kids and we enjoy taking in all that Colorado has to offer. Hiking, camping, and an avid big game hunter. I enjoy fishing the lakes and rivers along with deep sea and shallow water fishing in the ocean. I like to find new places to travel domestically while expanding my horizons with more international travel.  

Robb Starrett

Robb Starrett

Wild Hog Co-Creator & International Man of Mystery

Our History

 Journey with us as we delve into the captivating story of Wild Hog Products, a brand committed to simplicity, excellence, and customer satisfaction. From humble beginnings to becoming a leading provider of top-quality wire mesh panels for the DIYer and professional. Our journey is a testament to our unwavering dedication. Welcome to Wild Hog Products, where our legacy is built on your trust and satisfaction.

Our Story

Over the Years


Wild Hog Railing Founded & Developed


  • Met with contractors and retailers identified need for  more simple and easy to install wood railings
  • Designed logo, conceived product name during a wild hog hunting expedition in Sonoma Co, and developed the Stocking Dealer Model.
  • Successfully presented the idea, gaining approval to launch the product

Wild Hog Railing Launched

  • May 5, 2014 delivered product to our first stocking dealer, Mead Clark Lumber, Santa Rosa CA
  • We set a goal to have 12 stocking dealers by the end of 2014
  • By June 30, we had 30 stocking dealers and had sold out of every panel from our initial order
  • By the end of 2014 we had 48 stocking dealers in Northern CA

Wild Hog Railing Grows

  • We developed our first website which connected us with the world
  • This website created overwhelming interest which proved that Wild Hog was no longer a pet project, but an internationally recognized brand.
  • We expanded our distribution into the Western U.S. 
  • Through our travels, we listened to our customers, leading to the development of new brands that solved problems with installation such as Hog Tracks, Hog Tusks, and Touch Up Spray.
  • As a result of customer demand we partnered with our 1st distributor outside of the Western U.S. 
  • We were now in MN, WI, IL, IN, MI

Wild Hog Railing Uprecendented Growth

  • Wild Hog Railing expansion covers Maine to Florida
  • Alaska & Hawaii adding to the Wild Hog stocking dealer network

Wild Hog Railing Milestone

  • In less than 4 years we celebrated our 600th Stocking Dealer

Wild Hog Railing strengthens its national partnership

  • Triple-digit sales increases
  • Expansion covering all of the Mid-West, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, & South Dakota
  • Wild Hog Railing surpasses 800 stocking dealer locations

Wild Hog Railing becomes Wild Hog Products

  • Wild Hog rebrands itself as WILD HOG PRODUCTS, this rebranding included railing, fencing, Linx Pergola, Stix Timber, and a focus on social media
  • Expanded into more DIY-focused locations
  • Wild Hog Products goes international with stocking dealer locations throughout Canada

Wild Hog Products stocking dealer expansion

  • Wild Hog Products hits the 1,200 stocking dealer milestone

Wild Hog Products expands with new products

  • Wild Hog Products launches ICC approved Hog Track Kits
  • Wild Hog Products launches Linx Simplified Pergola System
  • Wild Hog Products surpasses 1,400 stocking dealer locations

Wild Hog Products and Social Media


Wild Hog Products takes it to the next level

  • Wild Hog Products focuses on creating content to connect with our customers
  • Redeveloped Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook to highlight the creativity of our customers
  • Wild Hog Products adds Cinch Railing to our family of brands
  • Complete website redevelopment focused on simplified navigation and inspiration
  • Complete new installation videos coming soon
  • Created an About Page to give a look into the people behind The Hog
  • Stay tuned for more to come…